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  • CONCERTS, PROGRAMS and WORKSHOPS with Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen

    • AROUND THE WORLD: This is representative of what Cindy and Grey most often present in their regular concerts. The duo’s repertoire includes Cindy’s original songs, Grey’s original tunes, distinctive settings of traditional Irish music, Scandinavian fiddle duets, old-time fiddle and guitar tunes from southern Indiana, and new music that Cindy and Grey are inventing together. The instruments they play are Irish flute, tin whistles, guitar, concertina, fiddles and harmonium.
    •  IRISH: Grey is well-known as one of America’s finest players and exponents of the Irish flute. He has been playing traditional Irish music for over 30 years, having learned the art largely from Irish immigrants in his native Ohio. His lyrical and soulful flute playing is renowned throughout the United States and beyond. His flute playing is the centerpiece of concerts, along with Irish music played on the tin whistle and anglo concertina. Cindy accompanies Grey on the guitar and harmonium, and contributes songs from Celtic traditions.
    •  MARITIME: Cindy Kallet has spent many years singing and studying maritime music, from the coast of New England, where she spent many years, to other parts of the world. She worked as a volunteer on the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, and has experience sailing smaller boats as well. Over the years, she has been a frequent performer at the Mystic Sea Music Festival (Mystic, CT) and has participated in other maritime events throughout the country, including the San Francisco Maritime Historical Park, the Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival (Portsmouth, NH), and the Working Waterfront Festival (New Bedford, MA). In addition to singing traditional songs and shanties, Cindy enjoys sharing the contemporary music of such song-makers as Gordon Bok, Larry Kaplan, Bob Zentz, Dean Stevens, and Dick Swain. She is also known for her original songs which reflect her experiences of the New England coast. Grey accompanies Cindy on the Irish flute, tin whistle, concertina and harmonium, and the two of them sing traditional and contemporary songs of the sea.
    • OLD-TIME TRADITIONAL APPALACHIAN: Grey is a fine fiddler who has devoted a great deal of his musical life to the old-time fiddle music of his native southern midwest, part of the “northern fringe of Appalachia.” He performs traditional tunes from a variety of sources, including those played by Indiana’s noted fiddler and troubadour, Lotus Dickey (1911-1989). In addition, he is one of the only people expert in playing and presenting the unique and lovely crooked-tune repertoire of southern Indiana fiddler Joe Dawson (1928-2012). Cindy accompanies Grey on the guitar, and the two of them have a repertoire of traditional Appalachian songs as well as original and traditional songs sung by Lotus Dickey.
    • ORIGINAL SONGS and TUNES: Both Cindy and Grey are highly-acclaimed composers of songs and instrumentals.
  • CONCERTS and WORKSHOPS with Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein and Michael Cicone

    Cindy and Ellen and Michael present concerts full of three-part harmonies. They sing both a capella and accompanied by guitar and hammered dulcimer, drawing material from contemporary and traditional music of the British Isles and North America, with a liberal sprinkling of sea music and occasional forays into other cultures as well.

    The trio also offers harmony workshops.

  • CONCERTS and WORKSHOPS with Cindy Kallet

    In a solo performance, Cindy usually sings many of her own songs, but also includes favorite traditional and contemporary folk songs. She accompanies herself on guitar with an occasional fiddle appearance.

    Cindy has taught extensively, both privately and at adult music camps around the country. She offers fingerstyle guitar workshops and classes at any level, as well as harmony and songwriting classes.


    Cindy and Grey have presented school programs to students of all ages across the country. They can easily tailor their programs to the age and size of the group. They often include samples from the Irish, American, maritime and Scandinavian traditions, and Cindy will frequently sing an original song as well (see above for more detail). The songs and tunes are always placed in their historical and cultural context. Participation is encouraged; students are invited to sing along with chorus songs, and a question and answer period is always included near the end of the program. If time and circumstances permit, students are welcome to have a closer look and try out instruments at the end of the program.


    Cindy and Grey have both taught at music camps around the country  including Meadowlark Music Camp, Northeast Heritage Music Camp, Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, The Mountain Arts Gathering, CDSS’s Harmony of Song and Dance at Pinewoods, Folk College, and The Timber Flute Festival. Grey has also taught at Lark in the Morning, Ashokan, The Augusta Heritage Workshops, The Swannanoa Gathering, Zoukfest, The Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp and Common Ground on the Hill.Grey teaches Irish flute, tin whistle, old-time fiddle, piano, concertina, and arranging, and Cindy teaches guitar, harmony, and arranging, and leads folk choruses.


    Cindy and Grey often offer workshops and private lessons as they travel around for performances.

    • Grey’s workshops center on technique and repertoire for Irish flute and tin whistle. He is the author of the highly and widely acclaimed, The Essential Guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle, a 480-page work (with two accompanying CDs) on playing and appreciating Irish flute and tin whistle. He has also written The Essential Tin Whistle Toolbox (with one companion CD), which takes the beginner, novice, or intermediate player of Irish tin whistle to a high level of competence. Excerpts are provided free to workshop participants and books and whistles are also offered for sale.
    •  Grey can also offer workshops on traditional Appalachian fiddling style and repertoire.
    •  Cindy offers workshops on a variety of aspects of finger-style guitar playing, from right and left hand techniques to arrangement and styles of accompaniment. Other topics include open tunings and accompanying Irish music. She also offers workshops in harmony singing, including both already-arranged songs and guided improvisation.
    •  Grey and Cindy have together given workshops to help participants have successful Irish sessions.

    PRIVATE LESSONS – in person or long-distance via internet

    Cindy and Grey both offer private lessons as they travel around the country, Cindy in guitar, and Grey in Irish flute, tin whistle, concertina, or old-time fiddle. They also offer internet-based lessons on platforms such as Zoom, Facetime or Skype. For more information, please contact Cindy or Grey using the CONTACT form. You can also check out Cindy’s Information Sheet for Online Guitar Lessons.


    Cindy and Grey have been asked to perform several of their songs and tunes during Unitarian Universalist Church services, and several of their songs have been used by others in a variety of religious and secular settings.For examples of some of these songs: Courage, If You Say Yes, and Tide and the River Rising (Oars).


    Cindy and Grey are available to play at weddings, celebrations, and memorial services. They are happy to tailor their repertoire to the needs of the event. They have a wealth of tunes on Irish flute, tin whistle, guitar, concertina, fiddle, twin fiddles, and harmonium in the Irish, traditional American and Scandinavian traditions. They can also perform original songs and tunes.