Welcome Day

Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen

Grey and Cindy’s new second CD! Includes concert favorites “The Shores of Lake Monroe” and “Opus 53: Thing 1 & Thing 2.”

Cross the Water

Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen

Grey and Cindy’s first CD together! Includes concert favorites “If You Say Yes” and “Playing with a Full Deck.”

Back When We Were All Machines (CD single)

Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen

A folk-techno look at the future, past, and present. Gorgeous vocal harmonies & a totally funky beat.

This Way Home

Cindy Kallet & friends

A musical collaboration featuring ten Kallet originals and four other favorites. Cindy is joined by Will Brown, Gordon Bok, Ellen Epstein, Michael Cicone, and others.

Leave the Cake in the Mailbox

Cindy Kallet & Friends

Won a 2004 “Parents’ Choice Gold Award.” Original “parenting” songs and a few traditional favorites. A true family musical portrait, including contributions by family and friends.

Dreaming Down a Quiet Line

Cindy Kallet & Friends

With Michael Cicone, Ellen Epstein, Lisa Kallet, and Gordon Bok. “Entirely beautiful” (Scott Alarik) and “that rarest of releases for a singer-songwriter: 15 gorgeously crafted songs…” (Rob Wier)

Cindy Kallet 2

Cindy Kallet & Friends

Cindy’s second Folk Legacy recording. Backing vocals by Ellen Epstein, Michael Cicone, and Lisa Kallet. The AllMusic Guide recommends that you “start out with this release. … The music is well crafted and the songs are from the heart.”

Working on Wings to Fly

Cindy Kallet & friends

Cindy’s first album for Folk Legacy has become a true folk classic. Voted one of the Top 100 Folk Albums of the Millenium by WUMB Boston. Back-up vocals by Ellen Epstein and Lisa Kallet.

Heart Walk

Kallet, Epstein & Cicone

The trio’s long-awaited 3rd album! Features songs by Judy Collins, Larry Kaplan, David Dodson, Peter Mayer, Tom Gala, Dave Webber, Susan Ellenton, James Gordon, Cyril Tawney, Deborah Langstaff and Cindy, Ellen, and Michael.

Only Human

Kallet, Epstein & Cicone

The trio’s 2nd recording, mixing traditional and contemporary, a cappella and instrumental. “..a warmly healing and elegant sound. O lovers of the human voice, we do recommend this to you!” (Ladyslipper Catalog)

Angels in Daring

Kallet, Epstein & Cicone

Kallet, Epstein, and Cicone’s first recording on Overall Music, featuring their trademark close harmonies on songs both a cappella and accompanied by guitar and hammered dulcimer. Traditional and contemporary music of America and the British Isles, including Cindy’s Cold is the Night and Dougie MacLean’s Ready for the Storm.


Cindy Kallet & Gordon Bok

Cindy teams up with Gordon Bok for a superb collection of their favorite duets, both vocal and instrumental, traditional and contemporary. Features 6 and 12-string guitars, cellamba, viola, drum, and two warm voices. On Gordon’s Timberhead label.


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