Alison Shaw

Alison has taken many of the photographs on most of our albums – Cindy Kallet 2, Dreaming Down a Quiet Line, This Way Home, Only Human, Heartwalk, and Cross the Water. She also took the pictures you see on the home page of this website. Her photographs can be seen at her gallery in Oak Bluffs, on Martha’s Vineyard, and in many galleries around the country. She also teaches and has contributed photographs to many publications. Check out her website to see many of her gorgeous creations!

Concerts In Your Home

Use this site to learn how to host house concerts, and to find talented musicians who would love to play at your house!

David Dodson

David is the composer of several of our all-time favorite songs. He’s also an engaging performer; if you can catch a Dodson concert, you will not regret it.

Dean Stevens

Dean is the author of the amazing “Salmon River” song. He is also a dynamic performer and Central American traveler. Check out his recordings and other projects on his website.

Ellen Epstein

In addition to performing and recording with Cindy and Michael, and teaching guitar to kids and adult beginners, Ellen is also a Certified Music Practitioner with the Music for Healing and Transition Program. Visit her web site to learn more about this work.

Gordon Bok

Gordon is one of my song-making/finding and guitar-playing heroes. I can’t even count the number of gems of songs I’ve learned from Gordon or heard him sing over the years. And his guitar playing is mesmerizing.

Grey Larsen

Grey performs frequently with Cindy, and has numerous stunning recordings with Andre Marchand, Paddy League, Malcolm Dalglish, and Metamora. He is also the author of the highly acclaimed The Essential Guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle.

Jennifer Armstrong

Kallet, Epstein and Cicone have performed Jennifer’s beautiful “Good-bye to the Roses.” Jennifer is a reknowned storyteller, musician and composer. Check out her many recordings, activities and school programs on her website.

Larry Kaplan

Larry is another musical inspiration: we perform his “Song for Gale,” “Old Zeb,” and “Joshua’s Rock.” He is is a master storyteller in song.

Michael Cicone

In addition to performing and recording with Cindy Kallet and Ellen Epstein, Michael has recorded a gorgeous instrumental hammered dulcimer CD, “Sea Change,” with multi-instrumentalist and Libana artistic director Susan Robbins.

Susan Ellenton

Susan is a gifted visual artist as well as a musical composer. Visit her website to see some of her paintings and purchase recordings. Kallet, Epstein and Cicone sing two of Susan’s songs: “Shine On” and “Barbie.”

Priscilla Borges and David Ernst

Priscilla is the designer of this website and David is the behind-the-scenes guy who figures everything out. Their company is called “Internet-Minded Design and Development.” They do wonderful work and are fun and easy to work with.


 The platypus drawings gracing these website pages were made by Cindy’s son Arthur Blodgett.