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Cindy Kallet ~ Kallet, Epstein & Cicone ~ Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen
Cindy Kallet & Gordon Bok ~ Cindy Kallet & Friends

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A Walk Down the Hill downloadPDF
Aboard the Spray (Bustin) downloadPDF
Ain’t No Time downloadPDF


Back When We Were All Machines downloadPDF
Be Like a Bird:Wings (trad.) downloadPDF
Before I Was TwodownloadPDF
Before WordsdownloadPDF
Blackberry DownsdownloadPDF
Blood on the Sails (Colclough/Swain) downloadPDF
Bonnet and Shawl (Webber) downloadPDF


Cherry Tree Carol (trad.) downloadPDF
Chris’ SongdownloadPDF
Clues (Bustin) downloadPDF
Cold is the NightdownloadPDF
Come Away To SeadownloadPDF
Come Down…downloadPDF
Courage (Kallet/Larsen) downloadPDF
Cross the Water:Little GirldownloadPDF
Crow (see Wings to Fly)


Diapers By Heart downloadPDF


Election DaydownloadPDF
Evening Falls (Enya) downloadPDF


Far Off of the Mountains downloadPDF
Farewell to Nova Scotia (trad.) downloadPDF
Farthest Field (Dodson)downloadPDF
Ferryboat Serenade (DiLazarro/Adamson) downloadPDF
Frobisher Bay (Gordon) downloadPDF
Froggy Went A Courtin (trad.) downloadPDF


Geordie (trad.) downloadPDF
Glacier SongdownloadPDF
Going For The GolddownloadPDF


Handy’s Birthday downloadPDF
Hang in TheredownloadPDF
Haven’t I Been GooddownloadPDF
High Barbary (trad.) downloadPDF
Holy Now (Mayer) downloadPDF
Homeward Bound (Rogers/Broomhall) downloadPDF
Hoosen Johnny (trad.) downloadPDF
Huckleberries downloadPDF


I Arise Facing East (Austin/Langstaff) downloadPDF
I But a Little Girl (Franke) downloadPDF
I Don’t Have To…downloadPDF
I Dread NotdownloadPDF
I Got A HatdownloadPDF
I Got a HeartdownloadPDF
I Lull Myself Asleep downloadPDF
I Used to Go WalkingdownloadPDF
I’m a MammaldownloadPDF
If I SingdownloadPDF
If You Say Yes downloadPDF
Izzy’s Toes (Epstein) downloadPDF


Janko (Yanka) (trad.) downloadPDF


Ladies Come in Jewels downloadPDF
The Last Leviathan (Barnes) downloadPDF
Life Comes In (Epstein) downloadPDF
Listen, I Think The Rain’s ComedownloadPDF
Longed So FardownloadPDF
Lowlands of Holland(trad.) downloadPDF
Lucky Man (Laskin) downloadPDF


Marblehead Neck (Green) downloadPDF
The Mhairi Bhan (MacLean) downloadPDF
Mountains RangedownloadPDF
My Heart is Ready:I’m Gonna WalkdownloadPDF
My Hometown (Springsteen) downloadPDF
My Johnny Was a Shoemaker (trad.) downloadPDF
My Mama SaiddownloadPDF


Nantucket Sound downloadPDF
Narrow Space (Penick) downloadPDF
Nets in WaterdownloadPDF
New HymndownloadPDF
No/Don’t Wake UpdownloadPDF


Oars (see Tide and the River Rising)
October Song (Williamson) downloadPDF
Old King Cole (trad.) downloadPDF
Old Zeb (Kaplan) downloadPDF
One for the IslanddownloadPDF
One for Winter (Kallet/Bok) downloadPDF
Out on the Farthest RangedownloadPDF


Padstowe Chantey (anon/Vincent) downloadPDF
Peace on Earth (Williams/Bok) downloadPDF


Rain Night downloadPDF
Rantin’ Laddie (trad.) downloadPDF
Re Gilardin (trad.) downloadPDF
Ready for the Storm (MacLean) downloadPDF
Red Spruce (This Way Home)downloadPDF
Right Said Fred (Rudge/Dicks) downloadPDF
Roll ‘er Down the Bay (trad.)downloadPDF
Roll to the RiverdownloadPDF
The Royal BlokedownloadPDF


Sail Away Ladies (trad.)downloadPDF
Sally Free and Easy (Tawney) downloadPDF
Salmon River (Stevens) downloadPDF
Sarah’s Song (Joel Zoss) downloadPDF
Shake These Bones (Dalglish) downloadPDF
Shallow Brown:Cargo (trad./Kallet) downloadPDF
Shanghaied Dredger (Hammond/trad) downloadPDF
Shantyboatin’ (Bustin) downloadPDF
Shine On  (Ellenton) downloadPDF
Shores of AfricadownloadPDF
Since You Asked (Collins) downloadPDF
Skunk Don’t Care downloadPDF
Song for Gale (Kaplan) downloadPDF
Song for MargaretdownloadPDF
Steamboat To The MainlanddownloadPDF
Sweet Water (Glover) downloadPDF


Take Me To The Moon downloadPDF
Terror Time (MacColl) downloadPDF
Them StarsdownloadPDF
Three-Masted SchoonerdownloadPDF
Tide and the River Rising (Oars)downloadPDF
Together or AlonedownloadPDF
Trying TimesdownloadPDF
Turn The Glasses Over_Whup Jamboree (trad./trad.) downloadPDFdownloadPDF


Underneath the Pines (Dodson) downloadPDF


Water downloadPDF
We Rigged Our ShipdownloadPDF
When I Was NowdownloadPDF
When the Moon Shines in the Evening (Scott) downloadPDF
When the Ship Comes In (Dylan) downloadPDF
When the Traffic Light’s Red (Gala) downloadPDF
Who Do You ThinkdownloadPDF
Willy the Waterboy (trad.) downloadPDF
Window TreedownloadPDF
Wings of a Gull (trad.) downloadPDF
Wings to Fly (Crow)downloadPDF
Winter WindowdownloadPDF
Woody Knows Nothing (trad.) downloadPDF


Your Love downloadPDF